Ten Years Later for Marvel

Joshua Magee, staff writer

One of the most popular and controversial entertainment topics of the 2010’s is how Marvel came back with their Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After struggling in the 90’s, Marvel had to come up with something in order to stay afloat. First, they had to sell some of their big name comic book characters to other film industries so they decided to sell the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters to 20th Century Fox, while also selling The Incredible Hulk to Universal Studios, as well as Spiderman to Sony. Marvel still had their comic book industry going for them, but once the late 2000’s came along, it was clear that Marvel had a plan brewing for awhile. With the release of their first Marvel Studios film “Iron Man”, in 2008, the plan came to fruition, and had the whole world in a state of shock and awe. Ten years later, with a slated roster until 2025 planned to come, “Avenger: Infinity War” is the on-screen culmination of a decades worth of building a universe, and putting it all on the big screen.

The film follows Thanos’ and his ongoing mission to find all six infinity stones, and use them to bring “balance” to the entire universe. Earth’s Mightiest heroes will have to assemble once again, and with stakes this high, they will need all the help they can get. This ensemble cast culminates the entire Marvel cinematic universe, all in one film. With Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting on one side of the spectrum, Iron Man and Spiderman fighting on the other, and Captain America and Black Panther defending Wakanda,  these battles take place all across the galaxy, which helps expand the universe even more.

This movie defies all expectations, and flips everything on its head, while giving fans the relief from the decade long anticipation built, ever since the birth of the MCU with Iron Man. This is the company’s most ambitious film to date, and it will forever change the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film is amazing, and with the Russo brothers having directed this film and part two to this movie, ”Untitled Avengers 4”, the anticipation is only rising higher than ever before. Seeing the characters we know and love interact with one another, make the film even more special. It is what the whole universe has been building up to.