Girls Chant their Best to Make Varsity Squad

by Bella Gallo, staff writer

On the night of April 27, 2018 the tryouts for the PVHS Cheerleading team were held in the high school gymnasium. Over 50 girls attended and tryouts, which took nearly five hours to complete.

The team was looking for new talent in hopes of replacing the 11 graduating seniors as seamlessly as possible as the they work towards defending their UCA Top Banana title at Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp this summer.  

Starting on Monday April 23, all who were interested in joining the squad started to learn the material for their tryout. From Monday to Wednesday practices were held from 3:00-5:00 to teach the material that would need to be performed.

On Thursday, a mock tryout was held to prepare the girls for their tryout the following day. At the end of the night the girls were instructed to write a letter to the coaches about what the cheerleading program meant to them, that would be worth a sum of points going into the tryout and help the judges determine which girls made the team.

On Friday the tryouts were held in the high school gymnasium.

Each girl was required to perform 2 cheers, 2 chants, 3 dances and a set of three jumps individually in front of the judges.

This years judging panel featured coaches Mrs. Kinkead,  Ms. O’Brien, senior captains Madison Lander, Katherine Proto and Maggie Preletz and a few other seniors graduating from the program.

After each girl performed their cheers and chants they also were required to show three stunts and a tumbling pass as the judges scored them on their execution and overall performance.  

The following Saturday the teams were revealed.  The varsity team accepted 23 girls and the junior varsity squad inducted 18 members.

The new team has a meeting early this May to meet their teammates and begins practice mid-summer in preparation to defend their title at Pine Forest Camp.