Art Show 2018


The Perkiomen Valley High School held its annual art show on  the evening of April 24th for the general public, and throughout the day on April 25th for PV high school students. The Art Show is an event where art students and talented artists throughout all grades at the high school can display their hard work to those that are not a part of the art program.

The old gym, which was where the Art Show took  place, was filled with artwork of many different mediums, including pencil, charcoal, oil and water paintings, computer designs, photographs, clay sculptures, and other 3D works.

The progression of the detail and talent is obvious as participants make their way around the gym. The foundations of art class work filled up an entire wall, a mixture of simple shapes shaded with precision, and different halls and rooms that were drawn with perspective practice in mind. The Art One, Art Two, graphic design and photography class work was laid out throughout the gym amongst the 3D work.

Detailed paintings and drawings paired together with beautifully focused, objective photographs pinned on temporary walls next to tables of painstakingly shaped clay bowls, vases, mugs, and nature scenes. Sculptures of geometric plants and other abstract works stand proud throughout the room. On the wall parallel to the Foundations of Art work is a mixture of large drawings, pictures, and a graphic design project titled “Art + Effect”, where multiple political posters regarding topics such as LGBT rights, feminism, race, our veterans, and our jail system reside.

The main event though stood in the front of the gym, and it was the AP Studio Art work. Surrounded by a single theme, each student is tasked with creating 24 pieces of artwork, 12 displaying their understanding and ability to use different art forms, and 12 displaying their own personal style. The art is highly detailed and expressive, and many are placed next to a note stating how the piece placed or won an award of some sort.

The Art Show is an event that allows students to display their artistic talents, and the 2018 Art Show was filled with talents in all artistic mediums.