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PV Pigeons Earn a Blue Ribbon in Recent Olympics Competition

By Sarah Jenison

Congratulations to our High School’s reading olympians who had a successful turnout at the Reading Olympics Competition at North Penn High School. April 24th marks the day that months of preparation has been building up to for our school’s bookworms to hash it out in a fun and friendly competition with surrounding districts.

The Reading Olympics members voted on the team name, PV Pigeons, to represent their school at the competition, with team spirit wear including sophomore, Kendall Trumbore’s, hand-drawn depiction of the team’s love for books and school spirit. The team arrived at the competition with spirits high and stirred in anticipation to demonstrate their skills, as well as passion for reading. PV’s team was split into PV Pigeons 1 and PV Pigeons 2, each having a strong lineup of seven critical thinkers and book lovers.

Soon after arriving at North Penn, round one began. PV Pigeons 1 competed against one of the Methacton teams during their first round, ending with a score of 19. In the next room over, PV Pigeons 2 competed against the Methacton Skylar Sisters and gained 14 points. The round ended as a success for both teams, who were on a steady track to a blue ribbon for gaining an accumulated 50 points.

With the first round over, each team eased into the competition and were ready to step up their game. In the second round, PV Pigeons 1 played against one of the Spring-Ford teams and accumulated an astounding score of 25 points. Meanwhile, PV Pigeons 2 competed against another Spring-Ford team and scored a total of 16 points for the second round. With one round left and a blue ribbon in sight for both teams, each brought their best game face for the last round. PV Pigeons 1 needed six points to gain the 50 points needed for the highest honor of a blue ribbon and PV Pigeons needed 20 points.

The last round began and each team brought their best game to the table. After a whole afternoon of exciting and enjoyable competitions, the final round was upon them and brought a new determination to the teams. At the end of round three, the last round for the day, PV Pigeons 1 gained 12 points competing against Abington High School, with a total of 56, and PV Pigeons 2 scored 15 points against North Penn’s team, with a total of 45.

In the end PV Pigeons 2 were just 5 points short of a blue ribbon, but rode home as red ribbon champions, still an impressive outcome for the team’s first competition. On a brighter note, PV Pigeons 1 were successful in winning a blue ribbon, but in the end, both teams walked away proud of their accomplishments that night. #ProudPVPigeons

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