Boys Tennis Scrimmage against Wilson

The boys tennis team had their first scrimmage yesterday against Wilson, a school out of their competition league. For Coach Pongress, this game was “a learning opportunity for the team, we have a lot of new guys in new positions so it’s definitely a good experience.”

The game began with a comical introduction by Ryan Shayer of the PV team and their nicknames, which definitely eased some of the tensions before the intense game. A learning experience it was. PV fell short 2-5 against Wilson, with only two doubles teams taking the win.

For tennis, it is important to win a match but just as important for everyone else on the team to win. This is what makes tennis appealing, it is both an individual sport and also a team sport at the same time. Despite this loss, the team demonstrated an impressive ability as a whole.

For singles, Farraz was first seed who demonstrated an ability to keep up the pace with his competition. Second seed Ryan Shayer worked hard to return the shots of his opponent. Finally, Ben Moss rhythmically kept the ball in play return some of the more difficult shots.

As for doubles, the first seed team of Dylan Ames and Will Ye showed a hand for intense serves and a wall-like defense. The team of Gene Cha and Noah Shaheen combined excellent strategy to the likes of Napoleon with a positive outlook to take their team to victory.

The whole team played excellently and hopefully will use this experience as an opportunity to improve their playing before their game with Pottsgrove on March 20th (weather permitting of course).

This 2018 season will definitely be a great one, and I have high hopes for our team to achieve more in the future.

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