Trump’s State of the Union Address

Two nights ago President Donald Trump delivered his first state of the union address as president. In his lengthy speech, Trump outlined several of the accomplishments of his administration and also what he plans for the future. Some of these accomplishments were ending the war on “beautiful clean coal” or boasting that African-American unemployment is at an all time low to a response of silence and scathing eyes from the black constituents present. When asked what clean coal is, Trump responded that “They take the coal and they clean it” at a rally in Phoenix last year. His most proud vision for the future would be the new tax bill and all the “great deals” he has planned.

However, this catastrophic tax bill that is being spearheaded by the Republicans spells disaster for the American economy. Trump is currently still riding the economic wave of Obama’s administration which is the case for each new president as they enter office. This tax bill, which is similar to that of the tax bill passed by the Republican leadership in 1929, the year before the Great Depression according to a depression historian. Until the Republicans are finished getting paid by corporate lobbies as they tout their “Reaganomics” of trickle down wealth, this country will be hindered.

These tax cuts for the rich that find their way into the tax bill have not and will not benefit the average American no matter how much the Republicans state that all this new wealth will “trickle-down”. According to former American Airlines executive,”I have a big income. If my income gets bigger, I’m not going to invest more. I’ll just save more.” Billionaire investor Warren Buffet also commented on the “success” of trickle down economics,”Between the first computation in 1982 and today, the wealth of the 400 increased 29-fold — from $93 billion to $2.7 trillion — while many millions of hardworking citizens remained stuck on an economic treadmill. During this period, the tsunami of wealth didn’t trickle down. It surged upward.” During the years that Buffet uses was the establishment of trickle-down economics so praised by former president Ronald Reagan.

Aside from this, Trump wants unity in the government and in the nation. Just last week he refused to enforce a bipartisan bill on stricter sanctions on Russia with only five no-votes combined between both the Senate and the House. The Republicans also are currently waging war on the intelligence agencies with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, merely hours before the Address, calling for a complete purge of the FBI. Trump’s words defy his actions. We are currently amidst an administration that worships failed economic policies, disunity, and hatred against those of different political ideologies who are quick to be called Fake News. Trump has also stated that “I call on the congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers—and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.” To break it down, he stated that his cabinet should be given the authority to remove federal employees for the chocked up claim of “undermining public trust or failing the american people.” The implications of this are extreme. IF per say, that a federal employee was responsible for investigating a potential collusion with the presidency then the corresponding secretary for their department could remove them for “undermining public trust”. Thus the integrity of the government comes into doubt. The interpretation of these powers has the amazing potential for abuse by an executive power.

The state of this union, according to Trump, is a unified working American patriots enjoying the benefits of the increasing wealth pool of the rich. The truth is far removed from their American Dream.

The American people have been forgotten.

Sources: The Washington Post, The White House, CNBC