Netflix’s “The Punisher” Review

Joshua Magee, Staff Writer

On November 17th, Marvel’s “The Punisher” came out on Netflix, and quickly became one of Netflix’s most watched shows. First introduced through the fellow Netflix series “Daredevil,” the spin-off series “The Punisher” was brought to life as the first silver screen adaptation of the famous comic book character. Set in New York, it follows along with the plot pre-established by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), demonstrating shared continuity with associated characters and storylines.

Spoiler Alert: Ahead will provide details about some characters and plot points from the show.  

Marvel’s “The Punisher” centers around the main character of the same name. Portrayed by Jon Bernthal, his character is initially thought to be dead following the events of season two of Marvel’s “Daredevil.” The Punisher’s alter-ego is Frank Castle, a former marine and guns specialist, and the show follows his journey as he hunts down the remaining members of the crime syndicate responsible for the murder of his wife and kids. After the success of Castle’s mission to kill the syndicate, he goes under the guise of a construction site worker, Pete Castiglione. As time passes, Frank Castle remains off the grid until he is contacted by an unknown hacker with the alias Micro, who unsuccessfully attempts to blackmail him into becoming his lackey.

David Lieberman is the man behind the alter-ego Micro. In order to protect his family from the danger of his government discoveries, he fakes his death and creates a new life for himself. However, Micro was not hidden well enough for Castle, who finds and interrogates him, establishing a bond that lasts throughout the season.

“The Punisher” is a harrowing and gruesome tale about life, loss, and war. It tells a heartbreaking story of revenge through the tale of a man’s personal downward spiral, along with the tribulations of betrayal, loyalty, and drive to the brink of insanity. The show also touches on the detrimental effects of war on the human psyche. As a whole, the series delves deep into the psychology of Frank’s ability to subsist with the consequences of his actions, in addition to his future approach to issues and conflicts.

Jon Bernthal’s characterization of“The Punisher” truly gives the character a great on-screen adaptation from the comic books. As one of Marvel’s most tragic heroes, he brings wrath to any opposition who may obstruct his path and question his motives.  

Overall this show earns an 8.5 out of 10, and is recommended to anyone who loves crime, thriller, action, and adventure genres. The series serves as a worthy edition to the vast array of Netflix and Marvel crossovers, and brings more depth and connection between shows, with accompanying flair and originality to the MCU. Of the current shows available to watch right now, “The Punisher” can definitely be ranked among the most worthwhile to watch.


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