Taylor Swift’s “Reputation”

Bella Gallo, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift released her sixth studio album, “Reputation,” in late November of 2017. The album was the number one downloaded album on Apple Music for the first three days it was released and racking up over 2 million downloads in its first week available. For the sixth time now, she paired up with Big Machine records to release her new spin on Pop with her Electropop album.

Swift first came out with her hit single “Look What You Made Me Do” which went straight to the tops of the charts weeks before she released the other twelve songs to complete the album. This single has been streamed over 280 million times on Spotify and remained number one on Apple Music for more than three days.

The thirteen songs capture the independent attitude that Swift has taken on, calling out fellow personalities Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who did her wrong in the music industry in the past. Kanye released his song ‘Famous’ in 2016, claiming through the lyrics that he made Swift famous and he was who she owed her success to. The controversy led to Swifts song “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,” where she sings powerful lyrics about petty arguments to an upbeat background tune.

Taylor Swift didn’t work on this album alone— artists Ed Sheeran and Future are also featured on the second song on the album, “End Game.” “End Game” has been streamed over 12 million times on Spotify has over 6 million downloads on Apple Music.

Three out of twenty students at Perkiomen Valley High school say this was the first album from Swift that they listened to and enjoyed. “It was different then I thought it would be, but I liked it!” sophomore student Lauren Gwilliam exclaimed.

Aside from Lauren’s approval, “Reputation” has gotten positive feedback from The LA Times, The New York Times, Access Hollywood, USA Today and many more. The LA Times wrote “Taylor Swift’s talent remains intact on ‘Reputation,’ her most focused, most cohesive album yet.”

Swift plans on taking her new album on a World Tour starting in the new year of 2018. She will debut the album to Philadelphia in July of 2018 in the Lincoln Financial Center.


Photo source: Genius.com