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Chess Club Fights Hard in First Competition

Christina McFadden, Managing Editor

Perkiomen Valley’s chess club has been running for nearly 15 years by advisor, Mr. Rudolph, a chemistry teacher and chess enthusiast. Over the years, the club has gained more attention as well as more participants; however, many people do not realize how spirited and passionate these players are about chess.

On Tuesday, November 14th, five Perkiomen Valley students were selected to compete in the club’s first ever competition against Norristown High School. Students Steven Bafaloukos, Jimmy Durrell, Derrek Lee, Ben Rahm, and David Yeom challenged their rivals to a two hour match ending with a 3-2 loss for the Valley.

Typically at competitions, matches against opponents will consist of about five games monitored by the coaches of each team. Mr. Rudolph explains that each match consists of one member of each team, while each player is given only one hour total to complete their moves; if a player surpasses this time limit, they automatically lose. Additionally, input or advice from a coach is prohibited while a game is in action. Therefore coaches are required to stand behind their players so they cannot gesture or make eye contact in order to suggest moves to their players.

This year, one of the highly-ranked players for the team is David Yeom, a senior who has been playing chess for nearly twelve years. The two PV winners of Tuesday’s game were freshman, Ben Rahm, and senior Jimmy Durrell.

For Perk Valley, this was a challenging meet due to Norristown’s team being more experienced with tournaments. Although it was only the club’s first competition, Mr. Rudolph applauds the team’s opening game explaining how well he thought it went, despite the loss. As Mr. Rudolph states, “you need to be quick enough to be ahead in the game and smart enough to think before you act.”

Perkiomen Valley’s chess team played a strong game with a tough loss. The matches are expected to continue periodically throughout the 2018 school year. The next upcoming competition is expected to be on Friday, December 5th, playing Plymouth Whitemarsh.

Photo; Olivia Scott