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Double Varsity Viking

Mike Weir, Contributor 

Playing two school sports in the same season is an opportunity which very few athletes receive. I am fortunate enough to have been allowed to play both soccer and football during my senior year here at Perk Valley. Returning for my fourth year of varsity soccer and starting a new adventure in kicking for the football team, I have been able to experience the best of both worlds. Playing for both teams has really emphasized the differences between the sports and the cultures within both teams.

Coming back for my fourth year of varsity soccer, I knew what to expect from the team: a close-knit group of guys, striving towards success at the end of a long, tiring, and action-packed season. Soccer has an 18-game regular season, not including playoffs or districts, with play starting the first weekend of September and ending in nearly the middle of October, meaning there is a lot of playing over seven short weeks. This includes up to four games a week, some night games, and practices intermingled with school, homework, work and social lives. All of these activities contribute lot to the plates of the soccer players during the season and the only way to get through it is to rely on our teammates to keep pushing ourselves towards our ultimate goal of playoffs. Leaning on each other allows us to become very close during the season and create friendships that last throughout the years of high school and beyond. Currently, we are looking the best we have in years, with our best record in the PAC and standings in District in several years. As pressure is added with important games, we become closer as a teammates and friends, something that I love about the soccer team. Hopefully we can continue our success and keep doing PV proud.

My first year on the football team has been amazing so far. I was not sure what to expect because I had never played football before in my life. My biggest worry was how the pads and helmet would impact my kicking ability, but I have become accustomed to their feeling. Being a part of the football team is an entirely different mentality than what I am used to. On the soccer team I am able to attack, defend, pass and everything in between, while on the football team I do my own specific job just as everyone else does theirs. The coaches on the football team have been very accommodating in letting me make it to football whenever my soccer commitments allow. Another difference on the football team is the size of the team. With all sophomores, juniors and seniors dressing for football games and practicing together, there is a next-man-up mentality. This mindset has driven the major success of the Viking football program. I have loved every second spent on the field, with the pads on, under the lights and I hope that for the rest of the season I can continue to provide my kicking abilities to my full potential for the team.

I am so proud to be a part of both the soccer and football families and I am thankful to all involved who have allowed me to have such an amazing opportunity this fall. I am excited to see how far both teams can go as far as playoffs and districts and I hope to be a part of continued successes for the PV Viking family.