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Marching Their Way to MetLife Stadium

Matt DiSanto, Staff Writer

Although the weather is only getting colder, the Perkiomen Valley marching band season is just heating up.

The Marching Vikings are proud to present their 2017 program “Emerald City”, a more challenging and theatrical field show than the band has ever performed. The show features the music of Harold Arlen’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and is complete with large set pieces and extravagant costumes. The production revolves around a glamorous ball in the famous city from “The Wizard of Oz”, with band members acting as the attendees.

The band is excited to bring their program to huge venues across the east coast including the University of Maryland and even MetLife Stadium, the same stadium where the New York Giants and New York Jets play, for US Bands National Championships.

From practicing tirelessly on freezing nights on the pitch-dark parking lot to performing in massive venues in front of thousands of fans, the Marching Vikings are always reminded perform with confidence and poise no matter where they are. Performing is easiest when given such strong support from fans ranging from hyperexcited music boosters to the number one student section in southeast Pennsylvania.

“It’s really great to see the student section cheer for us. It makes me smile hearing them chant ‘MAR-CHING VIK-INGS!’ from the stands” laughed junior John Bernardin. “We try to provide as much excitement as possible during the games just like they do. Knowing that they have our back like we do them, it’s really astounding. Seeing them cheer for us while we perform at halftime is really the icing on the cake.”

Competing in one of the most competitive divisions, the Marching Vikings recently took third place at US Bands Pennsylvania State Championships at Lincoln University. They additionally took home an award presented by the Cadets, a world-class marching ensemble, that went to the band who displayed the most creativity in their production and the most effect in their performance.

But it’s not all about winning, though. The band takes pride in giving their all in a performance and putting on an effective show in front of a huge audience. Band Director Mr. Overholtzer puts it best, always reminding them that “while banners fall and trophies crumble, you’ll never forget the way you felt on the field when you performed.”

Whether you see them on the field at halftime or at a competition across the country, the Marching Vikings are thankful for the support from the community. Their season is merely getting started, and their production is getting bigger and better each week. If you need to know where to find them, they’re certainly going to be somewhere over the rainbow.